Grab Your favorite doctor at your home

Everyone nowadays is tech-savvy and wants everything quick & on their fingertips. By observing the fact, we have built a platform to meet the needs of doctors and patient. Time is money, save your time by visiting doctors and end up reaching out to a doctor with either no experience or experience with different specialty. Patients can now take charge of their healthcare with few simple steps in matter of one minute.

Open and Flexible mobile platform

Search doctors by specialties, names, queries related to your health condition, view the experience of the doctor (can also save for the later use) connect to the most enabled doctors, get the synopsis, book an appointment near you, within 15 minutes world’s qualified doctor will call. The app conducts online directory of the specialties along with doctor profiles. You can upload, share and save educational material at the click of a button. A patient can easily manage his insurance information, connect family account with his own, manage his own Medical record and view statements in relation to his own health.

Improved healthcare delivery without boundaries - Health education

To make it more comprehensive and diagnosed properly, a patient can also send a document or image along. Patient Engagement helps you get your files from the cabinets and closets up to the cloud, so they can then be accessed anytime and from anywhere. Now a patient can instantly sync the correct location, data of the doctors and makes it easy to tailor with the doctor of their specialty through Online Directory Manager (ODM). The potential of healthcare app makes the patient reach out the correct doctor straight away rather by dawdling!

Efficient, protected and Encrypted Data Transmissions

With the encrypted data in the efficient patient engagement app, your information will be safe. Patient Engagement app contains a built-in encryption system that is simple to use. Which can encrypt individual files, documents and protocol to encrypt your instant messaging conversations. Patient engagement app is encrypted cloud service, Encrypt the data you store in the cloud, encrypts your Web browsing sessions, protecting you from hackers and spy agencies that scoop up unencrypted traffic across the app. Touch ID biometric authentication option as an extra level of security on offering Apple devices.

Provide best treatment and care; anywhere and anytime

Our motto is to Increase simplicity to accelerate the healthcare decision making the process by both ends. For patients, Patient engagement has availability of healthcare professionals. On the other hand, doctors can easily generate health data trackers of the patients. Doctors have the option to Save their time in collecting accurate patient information such as images, documents, conversations, diagnosis etc. The patient app is a platform where physicians and patients meet with each other, anytime; anywhere so that the cure can be done in time.

Instantly receive and respond to vital patient information

Now patients can book appointments directly, powered by Patient engagement app. Patients can easily Monitor their Health Status, Contact their Physician 24/7 and can Interact via Video Consulting with your physicians. Patient engagement app is a platform to integrate data (billing, registration and scheduling system). To make it more simple, Patient engagement app contains Push notifications feature to alert physicians of messages. Your patients will thank you for a stress-free check-in process.

Peer-to-peer communication support

Patient engagement app practices do not solely rely on phone calls. Patient engagement app has the feature of phone reminders to ensure that patients show up for their appointments. People respond to text messages in about 90 seconds.

Compliance with FDA and HIPAA guidelines

Confidentiality is about data! The patient engagement app is in compliance with HIPAA. We take care of the information that a patient has disclosed in a relationship of trust, with the expectation that it will not be divulged to others without permission. The app maintains and protects the privacy and confidentiality of all personally identifiable information. Patients have the right to be protected against invasion of their privacy such as HIPAA compliance conversations, expect and assure that their personal dignity and the confidentiality of their information is to be maintained.

Wearable & Device Integrations

Patients engagement app changed that paradigm for us. A mobile app has made it much easier to reach patients. It not only helps patients because they end up either preventing diseases or recovering quicker but It also helps physicians be more productive because they see better compliance by the patients and reducing health insurance costs. Patient app ( a wearable device) have created the condition where you actually get information back as well, real-time information. It provides a seamless integration directly through the EHR. Providers have direct access to patient health information that can be provided to the patient at the point of care. Save your time by appending patients digitally with online intake forms, skip any paperwork before your appointment with the patient to make a secure relationship!

No-shows for their appointment

Patient Engagement is integrated with the Resource Schedule, empowering your patients and freeing your front office staff to better assist other patients. Patients can check in, secure messages, verify their demographics, update demographics, sign consent forms electronically, complete practice forms and questionnaires, and more. Never worry about duplicate or overlapping appointments between your staff and patients. Patient Engagement is a tool to drive profitability and experienced RCM (Revenue Cycle Management); Integrated billing means fewer denials and cleaner claims.

Empower your patients to take an active role in their healthcare.

We have experienced and skilled healthcare & medical app developers who develop health care medical applications tailored to the needs of the doctors and patients. It is our specialty that we screen each app development phase from the sketching to launch and deliver health care industry, the powerful medical apps for Android & iPhone that go a long way with their business operations. The lasting stored patient data by the hospitals can be accessed through the patient app with straightforward access to online play stores.

With that, the launch of Apple Watch App for healthcare providers unites clinicians and patients across the geography providing patient-centered care anytime, anywhere. The patient app helps doctors to dig into the patient’s medical records without any difficulty from any place or at any time. The doctor and patient not only exchange messages and medical reports but can also update to other healthcare stakeholders and relate patients with them. That’s what engagement is about, you end up with better outcomes!