Time to be Notified From Your Doctor

Ovada is a cloud-based Electronic Health Records software & complete Practice Management specifically designed for medical practices. Whether you need to bring online visitors into your office, make house visits, coordinate telemedicine via video conferences or connecting with your patients easy and effortless. Set more gives entrepreneurs a simple-yet-powerful platform to interface with constituents over a full spectrum of industry. We have revolutionized user-friendly, intuitive and flexible EHR to fit according to the desires of practices.

Revolutionary practice management and EHR ( Ovada MD)

Ovada MD is an Electronic Health Record solution specialized for medical services and wholly hosted within the cloud. The platform is subject to Personal health record provisions to update history records online, order status, account balance and full practice contact information alongside appointment booking and reminders – all accessible across Mac, PC or iPad devices. In terms of practice management, Ovada MD promises a blend of scheduling, accounting, patient list creation, product/service cataloguing, document management and reporting options. Certified EHR features include customizable records for varying examination types, access to historical exam data and the ability to generate letters from medical exam results. Revolutionary EHR can be customized to suit individual cases, while tools for document or image management and ePrescription issuing are also available.

Patient check inn And appointment booking IOS app ( Ovada Health)

Ovada Health offers mobile users the option to schedule and check in for appointments. Administrator interface allows configuring clinic and physician working hours, appointment; capacity, type, durations and overbooking limits. Scalable appointment software is for hospitals, medical practices, clinics, and doctors. Ovada Health is a friendly user interface; allow doctors, staff and patients full access from their PC, tablet or mobile phone for maximum control of their schedule at minimum effort. The app manages the appointment scheduling platform allows setting up, configuring, and managing staff calendars and resource availability. Calendar owner interface allows opening and closing calendars, managing changes in staff schedules, rescheduling appointment blocks and so forth. Automated reminders send patient (email or SMS) reminders that include appointment details, preparation instructions, and so forth. Automatically searches for optimal scheduling where all required staff and resources are available. Easy management of waiting lists based on priority and urgency and automate assignment of released calendar slots to pending appointment requests.

Medical supply business Automation ( Ovada DME)

Manual processes are time-consuming and error-prone. Ovada DME business automation takes nurses away from where they are really needed with their patients. Ovada DME is designed to replace these manual processes. Transitioning to the automated medical supply system is extremely simple because it requires very few changes to your existing healthcare plan. Ovada DME dove into the existing system to resolve the solicitation issue. We implement a more accurate reporting system to provide dependable data on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Ovada DME your business to pull together the right team who can design comprehensive solutions for your medical device assembly needs, ensuring cost-efficiency, quality control, and compliance with industry regulations.

Automated information and document submission before appointment

Our tried-and-true approach to custom equipment design ensures automation success and client satisfaction. To eliminate the thorough process of scheduling an appointment, a complete customized system is designed to verify the information and document submission that meets your clients exact specifications. Our custom automated system experience includes manage scheduling, billing and appointment details. Ovada; a good way to ease into having electronic records without overwhelming your team.

Medical billing outsourcing and automation

Doctors can now easily get rid by being on the phone for two hours or to get pre-authorization from insurance carriers. Ovada helps in educating patients about their health conditions , doctors responding to patient portal inquiries and verify patient insurance coverage automatically. Ovada is a way out to reduce payroll cost and operating cost, Reduce administrative duties by keying in information and preparing claims for submission, automate workable solutions, enhance cash flow, handle your outsourced medical billing and boost revenue potential. Your staff and physicians can now focus on patients more, resulting in higher quality of care, developing a long-term relationship, Improving patient engagement and satisfaction rates with less stress. Ovada Automate and submit claims faster on same-day and strengthens your cash flow. Expediting a clean claim backed with support in the EHR can result in full payment in 7 to 14 days. Ovada generates all the data you need to keep an eye on the financial aspects of your organization. Ovada provides internet security by Protecting patient via HIPAA compliant. Saves you from reducing billing and coding errors.

Healthcare lawyer referral and collection management (ovada Lawyer)

Medical Suppliers and Facilities can assign cases to the relevant Lawyers by using Ovada Lawyer. This can save the suppliers and facilities hassle of going through relevant documents which need to be sent to lawyers, you can simple preselect the documents based on the Lawyers requirements. By creating lawyers’ profiles, you can predefine OLA’s and SLAs and billing profiles. Billing would be 100% automated and notifications will be sent to relevant parties as soon as lawyers update the case. Dynamic reporting will give you enough insights to track the performance of your Law Firm or from the suppliers’ perspective keep a check on your lawyers performance based on the cases they have settled.

Automate your Denial Management Process & Track Efficiency

With the Ovada health app, you can sign up with us through your mobile. It helps you search for providers of your preference and book appointments with them.

The all-new digital kiosk patient check-in will reduce your daily administrative problems. It will help you eliminate manual forms, long wait times and ultimately makes things much easier and smoother for you. This easy to use the digital system will take you through a step by step process making the entire check-in process more efficient and hassle-free.

Our solution helps providers to view patient history and prepare reports in the most simplified way. The easy to use application allows providers to fill pre-set forms according to their specialties.