One -touch service to focus more on you

Kiosk, a convenient platform designed electronically sign a consented document to make payments for patient and doctors. Kiosk quickly facilitates the patient with the Payments procedures and dues are easily made. Payment transaction devices put the patient at ease with check in and check outs conveniently. Patients can now be saved from a long queue and logs off the idle times rather than waiting for their turn and go through the Manual lengthy payment procedures.

Allow users to manage patient intake, clinical charting and financial analytics

Validation and bill payment eliminates the need for staff to re-enter patient information, resulting in fewer claim denials and streamline the relationship between patient and workflow, improve financial performance, ensure HIPAA privacy compliance, compatible to EHR, health record integrity arising from seamlessly integrated EMR/EHR and provide patients with markedly improved service.

Self-scheduling onsite

With self-service kiosks, walk-ins can register and pay securely entirely on their own freeing you and your staff up to handle those last minute issues. Attendees who’ve already registered can also check themselves in at these kiosks. There’s no need for manual processing by you or your staff so you can use that time for more pressing matters. Any type of attendee can register, pay and check in right from your convenient kiosks.

Privacy filters protect patient data and confidentiality

Kiosk touch screens with privacy filters strike the balance between information accessibility and information confidentiality. Protecting confidential information is more critical than ever. With privacy, filters are excellent for open or high traffic environments where on-screen data needs to be kept confidential. This specially enhanced system is ideal for healthcare facilities especially kiosk; enhanced interactive security platform to improve the customer experience through the deployment of self-service technology.

Real-time demographics verification to ensure records and collection accuracy

When choosing the way customers will interact with a kiosk it’s important to keep things simple, the messaging and calls to action clear and to understand how users will navigate through each screen. Images should be clearly displayed and buttons easy to identify. While the layout and appearance of the interface is key, the way it reacts to user input may be even more vital, which leads nicely into the final key component of a winning kiosk.

Automization of practice workflow & eradication of human errors

Kiosk (One-stop service) increase functionality of speed, eliminate redundant paperwork, reduce administrative tasks and focus more on care with automation tools. Kiosk digitally record patient information accurately; eradication of human errors. No need to enter data again by securing verified advance insurance data. This assures of elimination of repetitive forms.

Patient Check-In Kiosks

Patient Check-In Kiosks add patient convenience, allowing them to identify, themselves upon arrival at the facility, view and confirm demographic and insurance information, electronically sign consent documents and make payments.

Access via Telemedicine

Patients can simply walk into a telemedicine kiosk to communicate with a health care provider and get almost instantaneous feedback regarding everything from coughs and colds to pink-eye and follow-ups after surgery. Patients are invited to discuss their symptoms, just as they would be in the doctor’s office, and the physician can also observe non-verbal cues in the patient’s physical appearance and demeanor.

Collect Signatures and Photos

An effortless registration process that gives you the information you need without delaying guests at the door. Request signatures from attendees on documents like NDAs, terms & conditions, or to validate their data. Capture selfie photos at check-in that doubles as an extra security measure for the event or to print on badges.

Business intelligence reporting

Kiosk Business Intelligence shares insights and analysis as for how organizations can dramatically increase ROI (return on investment), increase efficiency and patient satisfaction in emergency departments, waiting rooms, ambulatory settings by expediting the process. Business Intelligence software enables companies to access, analyze and share information in order to improve decision-making through gathering performance metrics. Android Kiosk software enables Android devices to be used as public access terminals for browsing, feedback submission, online ordering, and more.

Our focus is less on forms and more on you!

The Kiosk app enables your patients to securely identify themselves to the practice as they check in, verify and update any of their demographic and basic contact information, including phone numbers, e-mail addresses and validate their insurance information. With the click of a button, A patient can schedule a new appointment for the same day, make a payment using their credit card and sign up for the Patient Portal to manage their health care, appointments, and accounts from home. Information regarding confirmation of their appointment and the reason for the visit can become part of the patient’s chart. Complete intake forms (questionnaires) specific to their visit, providing precise history information includes the best features of Kiosk both for Patients and the doctors. Kiosk software helps to acknowledge and sign your practice’s consent forms among patient and provider.