Making complex processes intuitive through imaginative Custom Module based on your vision and values

We revolutionize businesses with Successful Digital Transformation; achieved through the cognitive business strategy, hyper-automation of processes, cloud Infrastructure, digital marketing, and a winning business formula. With Expertise in HealthCare, Travel, & many other business industries, our certified professionals have delivered Continued success for our clients helping them adapt to the digital world.

Automated Billing & document management system

The documents can be stored centrally in a systematic way, Find documents and files in seconds so that it can be retrieved locations whenever required. This helps in Version Controlling the documents during simultaneous update and Locks the document access for the other users. Document Commenting, conversations, emails, Notification, Stamps & Signature control gives you the ability to manage the entire life cycle of physical records and digital documents – from its safe storage, classification, circulation to its final authorized. Use of DRM (Digital Rights Management) to secure Documents allows users to login to Docs-vault using their own credentials. Powerful built-in reports are available for patients and doctors to get insight of the useful data in form of documents. Centralize paper documents & electronic files and access them with one familiar interface.

Custom practice management for doctors, lawyers and DME’s

Our Custom practice management includes billing, scheduling, EHR (electronic health record), daily notes, an extensive alerts system, certified HIPAA compliant electronic claims & remittance, security features that include patient data access tracking to help you run a HIPAA compliant facility, fine-tuned reports and patient feedback for both doctors and lawyers. Financial reports are easily created; aging reports, unbilled charges and practice stats. Reprinting claims is simple and billing claims are easily created, whether printing a paper claim or electronically billing. Send and receive messages HIPAA Compliant messages and make sure about the secure communication and security bond between patient and doctor. Custom practice management handles insurance authorizations nicely!

Doctors evaluation mobile apps on iOS and android

The mobile app; highly rated and frequently updated is a great medical reference tool offered on iOS and Android. Thousands of physicians have installed this app, It is chock full of medical knowledge that allows it to answer clinical questions at the point of need. Additionally, the app guarantees patient privacy with automatic face-blocking and removal of identifying information. Doctors help you diagnose faster by suggesting possible ailments based on history, symptoms, drug usage, previous interactions, and lab results then will perform exam providers for consults and referrals to assists the patient. The app also offer hundreds of reference videos for clinical procedures, physical examinations & push notifications to keep you up to date on new research and drug approvals. Connect in minutes with board-certified physicians and doctoral-level therapists over live video and Skips the hassle of the waiting room!

Data analytics and performance management systems

The Performance Management system solution from Ovada turn your complex data into a visionary plan. We unlock the power of your data for a more comprehensive view of your patient; combines real-time performance monitoring in reporting, generating dashboards with integrated data analytics and align with industry requirements and regulations, business intelligence and information dashboards. Our system helps you connect with industry-standard security protocols, role-based authentication. The security system is driven by pre-built accelerator components, low maintenance, and upgrade costs. The Value-Based Performance Management Analytics software gives providers health initiatives of the patients, equipping users with financial planning and modeling tools. The performance management can be deployed in any healthcare system and is compatible with EHR/EMR. Our solution can be scaled up to include patients information and many functional lines without affecting the performance of the staff.

Patient check-in and appointment booking platforms

Ovada offers extensive medical scheduling software, that makes you look professional and solves all your online needs. The fully functional app can present your medical clinic and start accepting appointments, send reminders, provides cure and service add-ons. Our solution helps doctors spend more time practicing medicine, improve client communications, and reduce costly appointment no-shows (DNA’s). Smart scheduling product that syncs with both parties calendar and allows to schedule meetings, appointments, and bookings. The booking platform allows users to manage patient intake, clinical charting, billing, and revenue cycle management. It includes customizable medical forms, e-prescribing, scheduling tools, real-time patient eligibility checks, and a patient portal. Appointment templates are very helpful.

Patient and doctors communication systems

The app interface is great for physicians, Focus more on quality of care with a patient appointment software that’s intuitive and easy to use for all skill levels. Built-in SMS and email notifications help remind your patients about their next appointment, saving you the cost of no-shows. Access your appointment calendar and patient contact info from any connected device, in or outside the clinic or hospital. Set customer database makes your patient contact info readily available so you can book follow-ups in just a few clicks. Stay on top of your schedule with in-app alerts for new and rescheduled appointments, delivered straight to your smartphone. Manage staff calendars and coordinate patient care across multiple doctors, nurses, and specialists. The communication system is strong, robust and could be a truly excellent product with some relatively simple tweaks to managements attitude towards patient concerns.

Automate your Denial Management Process & Track Efficiency

Latest Technology Implementations

Ovada has successfully Worked from the ground up and transformed businesses from various industries by deploying the latest business technologies, highly effective Business Intelligence tools, top-notch IT solutions, and responsive frameworks to build value driven by faster decision making.

State-of-the-art Support System

Ovada have COPC, Six Sigma Certified customer support system available 24/7 according to GMT and US EST time zones. Our customers are our priority, we will always be here when you need us whether there are changes to be made or questions related to progress.

Top Digital Crew

Our Digital marketing specialists web their strategies around consumer insights for your business. Ovada can create content and develop digital marketing experiences with enough resilience which can help your business to expand and contort in any shape or dimension.

Certified Strategy Team

A highly qualified team of Certified experts that are experienced in providing IT solutions for industries across the board. Through Ovada innovative, creative and latest methodologies we ensure to provide you with the best solutions according to your business needs.

Business Success Experts

Our Business Experts and Analysts have helped many successful businesses to digitally transform and made them empowered enough to control the outcome of there business efforts. We help organizations and businesses to achieve the goals that have been holding them back.

Robust Infrastructure

Ovada is where a clear vision, a well developed & executed plan and good communication come into play. Our Robust Infrastructure gives us the leverage based on the latest technology, networks and resources that can help our clients to create greater value addition for business.